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Access Control Services

Quite simply, keeping your business or commercial property secure is critical and simple key locks may not protect your company's assets as effectively as possible. Access control systems can provide you with the ability to control who enters or exits your property, on your terms. 

Access Control Solutions

Protecting your critical assets and property with a quality access control system is your first line of defense against security threats. BCS' access control solutions will provide your company with security peace of mind, an easy to use and manage solution, and effective ways to protect your property 24X7. 

With hundreds of access control solutions on the market today, making a decision on the product that suits your needs can be a daunting task. BCS will help you identify the solution that fits your company needs and budget, yet will scale to fit your growing company needs. 

Access Control

Access Control Solutions

  • Keypads

  • Biometric (Retinal, Fingerprint, Palm print)

  • Key FOB / Key Card

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