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Prewire & Trimout

BCS offers a variety of pre-wiring and trim-out network solutions and services, ranging from new home construction planning and build-out, to retro-fit and add-on network services. BCS can create a solid network foundation for your whole home, letting you add technology solutions for years to come. 

Prewire & Trimout Services

Boyd Connected Services has 20 years of experience pre-wiring and trimming out homes across North Texas. Our processes, project management tactics, scheduling, communication and field services are second to none. ​​


Prewire and Trimout Services: 

  • Fiber Optic 

  • Cat 5-7 Network 

  • RG6 / Coax

  • Firewire 

  • Telecommunications

  • Security Systems

  • Surveillance Systems

  • Audio / Video Systems 

  • Internal, External, Rooftop and Direct Burial Solutions

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