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WAN / LAN Services

WAN / LAN Services

Pathway Services

Commercial Pathway Services

CAT 5-7 & Fiber Services

Cat5 - Cat 7 an Fibe Services

Prewire & Trimout Services

Commercial Prewire and Trimout Services

WAN / LAN Services

Networks are what connect nearly every aspect of your business. From sharing vital data with your customers to processing credit cards, it is undoubtedly the nervous system of everything you do. At Boyd Connected Services we recognize just how critical network up-time is to your business and we ensure that every step along the way will provide you with a healthy, robust network to handle your business needs.

WAN / LAN Network Services
  • WAN / LAN Engineering & Design 

  • New Network Installation

  • Retro-Fit / Existing Network Upgrades 

  • Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Installation

  • Installation of Cat 5, 6, and 7 networks 

  • WiFi Network Planning and Installation 

  • Troubleshooting and Repair

CAT 5-7 and Fiber Services

BCS has been trusted by the world's largest telecommunication company for over 4 years to install, terminate, test and certify fiber and category networks, meeting and exceeding their rigorous standards. This means you can rest assured that BCS can meet the needs of your business too, and provide the right network connectivity to keep your business healthy and humming. ​

Cat 5 through Cat 7 and Fiber Services
  • Single / Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable

  • Cat 5-7 Cable

  • Underground Services

  • LAN / Extended LAN Services

  • Small and Medium Offices

  • Campus Networks

  • Large Venues / Stadiums

Pathway Services

Most low-voltage companies can work with an existing pathway and lay in clean cabling like the picture on the right. However, it takes a creative mindset, specialized tools, unique skills and decades of experience to identify and install a network pathway in an existing or historic facility while concealing it appropriately, all without disrupting current services. 

If you have historic landmark property, an existing facility, or a building with specific pathway requirements, BCS can provide the right, hidden pathway solution for you. 

Commercial Pathway Services
  • Hidden Pathways 

  • Core Drilling / Wall Penetration 

  • PVC, EMT, Black Iron Conduit

  • Complex External / Internal Pathways

  • Underground Pathways

  • Rooftop / Fascia Pathways 

Prewire & Trimout Serivces

Boyd Connected Services has 20 years of experience pre-wiring and trimming out homes and commercial properties across North Texas. Our processes, project management tactics, scheduling, communication and field services are second to none. 

Commercial Prewire and Trimout Services
  • Fiber Optic 

  • Cat 5-7 Network 

  • RG6 / Coax

  • Firewire 

  • Telecommunications

  • ​Security Systems

  • Surveillance Systems

  • Audio / Video Systems 

  • Internal, External, Rooftop and Direct Burial Solutions

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CAT 5-7 & Fiber Services

Having installed over a million miles of fiber optical and category network cable over the last 20 years, BCS has proven expertise. From data centers to small home-based offices, BCS can provide you with the right solution to fit your business' needs and budget.

Pathway Services

When it comes to adding network and internet services to your existing or new-construction facility, you will find none better at solving complex network pathways than BCS. BCS has decades of experience with historic landmark buildings, to small offices, to high-rises. 

Prewire & Trimout Services

During new construction or remodels of a facility, pre-wiring a facility correctly saves you time and money during your project. BCS has 20 years of prewire and trim-out experience, working with projects of all sizes and types. 

WAN / LAN Services

Boyd Connected Services offers a variety of network solutions and services such as new construction planning and build-out, retro-fit networking, WAN circuit provisioning, WiFi and much more. Whether your business needs an entire data center wired or a small home-office set up, BCS will provide turn-key solution for your business needs.

WAN / LAN Services
CAT 5-7 & Fiber Services
Pathway Services
Prewire & Trimout Services
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